© TGavrilescu

I am a multimedia journalist and commissioning editor who has worked for Asia’s leading english-language newspaper South China Morning Post for the past seven years.

When I’m not commissioning travel content for the Post, I work on deep-dive multimedia features with a focus on exploration and conservation. My stories have taken me from the remote steppes of Western Mongolia to the frozen seas of the Arctic. They’ve seen me take on a hair-raising six-hour motorbike ride through rural Indonesia, hike overnight into an active volcano, escape a charging black rhino in Kenya and join a flag expedition in search of Genghis Khan’s secret tomb.

I believe in visual storytelling as a powerful tool to provoke social change. This is what motivates me to continue to learn, and add skills to my toolkit. I studied feature writing with the London School of Journalism, photojournalism with the New York Institute of Photography and am now a self-taught videographer and CAA-certified drone pilot.

Before all this, I worked for Warner Music in Spain, Leo Burnett Worldwide and Contagious Magazine. I have lived in Madrid, Hong Kong, Beijing, Paris – and now call Bristol home.